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Willkommen in der Lernwerk Language School

You want to learn a foreign language?

We at Lernwerk are happy to help.

We believe that learning is one of the most essential elements of life and can be a source of joy and fulfillment. At Lernwerk, we’ve been working since 1997 to expose our students to the joy of learning, teaching them new language skills while having a great time.
We know it’s not easy to combine language learning with the busy schedule of a full-time job; everyone starts with motivation and the desire to make progress, but soon, many students struggle with the feeling of not getting better or of not having enough time for vocabulary practice. We know the pitfalls of working and studying, and that’s why our lessons are structured to focus on in-class exercises and assignments.

Deshalb sind unsere Sprachkurse so konzipiert, dass sich vieles schon im Unterricht einprägt.

  • We use not only textbooks, but also custom-tailored lesson materials.
  • Our lessons are multimodal and made to appeal to all types of learners.
  • Creative instructional methods and a relaxed atmosphere provide frequent opportunities to practice speaking.
  • Learning a foreign language at Lernwerk means having fun and getting past your inhibitions.
We look forward to teaching you!


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