Experience Berlin


Monday to Friday from 9AM – 1:30PM (incl. 45 min of break)

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Experience Berlin!

Our unique five-day German course starts every Monday. In this five-hour-a-day crash course, you’ll learn all the basic phrases of the language: we’ll get you speaking German faster than any program out there! All materials are included.
Here at Lernwerk, we believe in hands-on learning rather than getting lost in textbooks.
That´s why in our “Experience Berlin” course, we go out and enjoy city life, ordering food and drinks like locals while at the same time learning about Berlin and its wide variety of sights and things to do.

In just five days, we will teach you all the essentials for surviving the hustle and bustle of life in Berlin. Our course will leave you wanting more. We promise!

“Experience Berlin” teaches German interactively and provides authentic speaking situations, so you can engage in real communication from lesson one.

With the help of our passionate instructors who come from all over the world, you’ll be striking up conversations in no time.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Experience Berlin! Monday to Friday from 9AM to 1:30PM (incl. 45 min of break).