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Group language courses









Group language courses in Berlin

Lernwerk offers group language courses oriented on the language levels of the CEFR, created by the European Union (A1-C2). You will be taught by specially trained, TutorWatch-certified language teachers in small groups of up to eight participants. Our courses are clearly structured, communicative, interactive and multimedial.

Participants are taught to work independently, to speak and expand their knowledge in every session. Each course uses a particular textbook which we have chosen to help students to process what they’ve learned and also to offer them a reference for the new vocabulary their learning. In addition, we show students techniques they can use at home to consolidate their new knowledge. Using these and other techniques to systematically improve students’ skills, we are able to make good on our promise to bring our participants to learning success as soon as possible. For 20 years, we’ve been offering efficient, compact and motivating courses. Become a part of our success, and discover the joy of learning a foreign language!



What we offer:




German as a foreign language

You live and work in Germany, like to vacation here or just want to be able to read Goethe in the original?

Try our German courses, custom-tailored to your language level and needs.




English courses

English is the most important language of the (Western) world. If you can speak English, you can get by just about anywhere. So why wait?