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German courses at Lernwerk

Everyone’s saying it: German is a difficult language!

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to disprove this statement! We at Lernwerk say: “learning German is a lot of fun!”

Whether German is your first foreign language, or you’re already a polyglot, we offer you courses that will strengthen your motivation and fit well into your busy schedule. Our 20-year experience in “learning to learn” allows us to help every student to participate in the course and systematically expand his or her vocabulary.

Our German courses are known for:

  • Their relaxed atmosphere
  • Their small group sizes of up to eight participants
  • Their interesting curriculu
  • Our custom Lernwerk lesson materials
  • Our innovative learning methods

Each course includes a field trip for the purpose of practicing speaking in real-life situations.

We look forward to learning with you!

Our course contents

German courses for beginners

A1-Beginners: this course is for students without prior knowledge of German. You’ll learn to converse on a basic level and answer questions about yourself. Also, you’ll learn the vocabulary you need to ask questions about others. Daily life in Berlin, free time, as well as eating and drinking are the topics we use to introduce you to the basics of German. To teach you the fundamentals of grammar, we will focus on the most necessary structures of the language. And to put these newly acquired skills to use, we’ll take field trips to local cafés and businesses.

German course for advanced beginners

A2-basic skills: here you will learn to communicate in situations of daily life, for example shopping, professional life and travel. You will be able to express your desires and needs to others clearly. You will expand your grammar knowledge and training your listening and reading comprehension with simple but authentic examples. We will systematically broaden your vocabulary and use practical examples to anchor the terms in your head. Furthermore, you will be able to write short and simple notes. Small class field trips will strengthen your language skills by providing practical experience.

Language Course for Advanced Students

B1 – advanced language use: You’ll learn to understand the most important parts of conversations, radio, movies and texts which feature every-day language. You’ll also learn to talk about topics familiar to you as well as your own interests, and will be able to give short explanations and describe plans. Furthermore, you will practice discussing personal goals and dreams. We use exciting and interesting texts about current events to practice your reading comprehension as well as to practice talking about what we’ve read. Using these texts, we’ll develop your comprehension of sentence structures and show you typical expressions and idioms. We’ll expand your knowledge of German people and culture, and we’ll improve and develop your vocabulary and grammar skills. Beyond these elements, we’ll also show you how to compose brief emails, and in our field trips you’ll get the chance to put your new skills to practical use.

Language course for very advanced students

B2 – independent language users: in this course, you learn to communicate fluently and spontaneously. You can now speak with native speakers about a broad selection of topics, and even conduct discussions without major difficulty. You will learn to understand the main points of complex texts about current topics. Your vocabulary will be continuously expanded, and thus you will be able to read contemporary articles, blogs and forum contributions, and comment upon these critically. We’ll also show you how to prepare and hold a presentation. Either we’ll invite a guest speaker to come to class, or visit a presentation together to test out our newly acquired language knowledge.

Language course for pros

C1-expert language skills: in this course, your skills are trained at a high level. We learn to express ourselves clearly and extensively about complex situations in all fields of social and professional life. We discussed current topics such as art, social media, typical legal problems, globalization and book and film reviews. You learn to understand demanding and complex texts and to express your own opinion about them. In addition, we will visit an interesting book reading or a movie. In this way, your newly acquired vocabulary can be immediately put into practice.