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English courses at Lernwerk

Being able to speak English is more important now than ever. Whether you need it for your job, your studies or your free time, speaking English is your key to communicating with the world! Whether your English just needs brushing up, or you’re keen to understand English presentations better, we can help you reach your language-learning goals. Starting in November 2017, Lernwerk is offering new English courses at different language levels. Until then, you can make use of our individual lessons to improve your English skills.

Individually Taught English Courses

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When you come to our group English courses, you’re attending a class that fits in perfectly with your busy schedule. All our courses utilize our proven ‘Lernwerk-For All the Senses’ methodology, which helps you to retain new knowledge long-term with innovative learning techniques. In all our Lernwerk English courses, we are proud to provide:

  • a relaxed atmosphere
  • small group sizes of at most eight participants
  • an engaging curriculum
  • proprietary learning materials
  • innovative learning techniques

We look forward to learning with you!