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Your team would like to be able to serve your customers better in English? You have a new employee who can’t speak German yet? We’ll come to your company and train your personnel. To learn a foreign language efficiently and while working full-time, it is important to know how time-saving, efficient learning works. For this reason, we tailor our language courses, whether German or English, exactly to the needs of your company. To achieve this, we first conduct a preliminary meeting to discuss your wishes and goals, as well as the dates and times for the language course. Based on this information, Lernwerk Language School plans the structure of your courses and creates individual lesson materials. In the course itself, our competent instructors develop the vocabulary necessary for your business based on the suggestions and needs of the participants. Using our tried-and-true teaching methods, we get your employees expanding their vocabulary and grammar knowledge quickly and permanently. Additionally, in order to increase the success and motivation of the entire group, our course thematizes the process of how to learn effectively. Thus, our course can easily be integrated into the daily life of your company, serving as an enrichment for your company and employees.



You can expect from us:

A free preliminary meeting, in which the topic areas and goals of the course are discussed. You receive a language course that is custom-tailored to your workers’ needs. The following are examples of content that can be covered in the course:

  • comprehension and use of company-specific business vocabulary
  • workplace communication skills
  • writing letters and emails
  • telephone communication
  • presentations
  • The language of negotiation

If you so desire, we can perform a language-level assessment of the individual participants.
By choosing Lernwerk, you receive a tried-and-true, method-based training in vocabulary, grammar and communication skills.
Lernwerk: instruction for all the senses, instruction you will enjoy.




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